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We build products designed to make life easier, simpler, and more enjoyable. Titu is based in Karlstad, Sweden and works to bring innovative, custom solutions to you and your business.
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Stay ahead of the game with Titu Skills. Online cybersecurity training trained by industry experts
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Continuous training and repetition
Get ahead in the fast-paced world of IT with industry-leading online training. Our comprehensive courses cover the latest skills and technologies, empowering You to unlock Your full potential and reach new heights in Your career.
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Clear and measurable results
Titu Skills gives a clear view of your organisation’s progress. An individual and a communal Awareness Level is calculated using an advanced algorithm that weighs participants’ responses to simulated attacks, exercises, training modules completed, etc.
logoSimulated attacks
Titu's simulated attacks are based on thousands of current threats which are analysed, processed and disarmed by Titu's experts. To make the simulations even more realistic, they are automatically adapted using customer-specific data such as the name of the business’ CFO or information about the customer’s website.
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Realistic, customer-specific simulations. Each simulated attack is linked to a tailor-made reminder for users who allow themselves to be tricked into clicking on the link or opening the attachment in a simulated attack.
Explore Demo Penetration Testing Simulations
The simulated attacks form an important part of Titu Skills and consist of both customised and generic simulations of phishing, fraud, malware and many other types of IT-related threats.
“With our knowledge of IT and experience in online teaching, we can help your team succeed in the digital world.”
Oliver Thyberg // CEO,